Trading Experience

BY: Apiary Fund

Trading Experience

Why Work with an Experienced Trader?

By Brigette Dumas


Why would it be important to work with an experienced trader? Well, even if you have experience trading, there’s always so much you can learn from other traders. Everyone has their own strategy, and although it may be similar to yours, you can always learn something new, which will only help you grow and expand your knowledge as a trader. An experienced trader can teach you so much about the market and help you benefit your overall chances of becoming a successful trader. If you haven’t seen any of the trader on the street videos with Shawn Lucas, I suggest you watch a few of them now to answer any questions of why working with an experienced trader can help your overall trading journey. If you’ve never heard of Trader on the street, continue reading to find out.


Shawn Lucas, the head trader at The Apiary Fund, travels around and approaches people on the street and asks them if they’re curious about how much money they can make trading in a certain amount of time, and offers to show them himself. I always enjoy watching the expressions of the unsuspecting guest because reading their faces explains every emotion they’re feeling. You can see they feel a little confusion, a little curiosity ,and then excitement and joy towards the end. So, I think these videos explain for themselves why working with an experienced trader is something everyone should take advantage of, especially beginner traders. Would you expect to figure out how to operate a heavy piece of machinery on your own, or would you rather use the guidance of someone who has been using this same machine for years offers to you? I know what I would prefer, and that’s to use the guidance offered to me.


Deciding to trade Forex is a big deal, and it should be made with a lot of thinking to back up your decision. You need to be willing to put in the time and effort. You need to be willing to accept the support that is offered to you. You need to remain disciplined and have confidence with every trade you get into. The results of all this is amazing. You can make a lot of money with the right education and strategies behind you. If you’re currently thinking about switching careers, adding a second job to your life, looking at a retirement plan, or looking for a job you can have more control over, like your hours and schedule, then trading may be the answer for you! If you’re curious, I always think that’s the first step. Now, let that curiosity guide you to trader on the street videos, and watch some of these people get excited at all the possibilities they’re creating for themselves. I hope you make the decision to try it out, because I can tell you from experience, trading has changed my life. Good luck!