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This Trader on the Street episode is not only special because it was filmed in front of live audience traders at Apiary’s summit, but because getting to meet Jackie, from Denver Colorado, who runs a small accounting business and a growing family of six. Having never placed a trade before, Jackie’s charming personality wins both the heart of the Summit crowd and the market.  

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A near-fatal stroke in November 2016 left Loran O’dell from Lehi, Utah with limited options to provide for his family during the prime years of their life. However, Loran’s unconquerable spirit and enduring optimism shine brightly during this episode of Trader on the Street as we battle not only the market but the physical limitations of stroke victims world to make a profit in the market.

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Meet Seewa, a long distance father who struggles to balance the demands of his business with the time and resources he needs to make sure his daughter feels his love and presence in her life. Time is no obstacle, however, in this episode of Trader on the Street as Seewa places trade after trade for profit - a resource he sees as an opportunity to spend more time with his little princess!